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Terms Of Sale

You must be over the age of 18 to purchase  and must show proof (Government-issued ID, DL, or Passport accepted)


We will send you a copy of the terms of service when you submit a quote and we have accepted it, and it will need to be signed before we accept any payments.

Payment Options

1) If the order is above $1,500, you have the option of a monthly payment plan. It will be 35% upfront and $250 per month until paid off. We will not start the commission until 35% has been received.


2) Half of the payment MUST be up front, the second half will be after we have finished. we will not start the commission until half of the payment has been received.

The forms of acceptable payment are:

- Cash*

- Online payments through Square

- Square*

- Venmo


If you have any problems you can contact us through:

- Telegram

- Phone (We may not answer but please do leave a message)

- Email
We will keep you updated throughout the process. We will give you a rough completion timeframe, and it's just that, a rough timeframe. There may be delays, but we will keep you updated. If after delivery there are any problems you can send it back and we will fix any issues.


Returns and Refunds
Full refunds are ONLY given if:

1)We have not started work on the commission

2) It is not a custom item AND you have not received it WITH PROOF.

Partial refunds will be given if:

1) We have started BUT not finished the commission.

Refunds will not be given for ANY other reason.

Returns are only granted if it is NOT a custom item.


Yes, we do repairs.

If you have not purchased your suit from us we will send you a quote. 

Repairs will cost NO MORE than $700.

We only work on clean suits. Please wash your suit BEFORE you send it to us.

If you send us a suit that we deem too dirty to work on. We will either send it back to you and refuse service until it has been washed OR if you want us to wash it for you we will charge you for the cleaning service.

If we deem your suit a biohazard we will be forced to throw it out AND charge a biohazard handling fee of no less than $1,500 and no more than $25,000 AND we will refuse service on ALL future purchases. We will give more info upon request.

Shipping & Taxes

Shipping is NOT included in the cost of our products.

We will ship internationally but it will take a bit longer and cost more for shipping.

Tax is included in the quote price.

The sales tax we have to charge is 7.01%.

Other Info

If you are buying either a fullsuit, 3/4 suit, or just a bodysuit you will need to make a duct tape dummy. We will provide info on how to once you submit a quote. If you are within 50 miles from us we will be willing to help make the DTD in person.

 If you are under 18, you can still get our products. But your legal guardian will have to be in contact with us through the whole process. 

If you are anti-lgbt OR anti-trans OR racist OR a bigot, you’ll be blacklisted from purchasing from us. This includes but is not limited to merch, fursuits, services, repairs, and maintenance. AND if you try to go around the blacklist and we find out we’ll impose a fine of $1500 or the cost of items/service whichever is greater.


*Only if we are in person. Please DO NOT send cash or cards through the mail.



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